Day 66 – The sun, day 2

Yet another day of sun in Manchester, this must be some sort of record! And I arrived at work early and ate a yohurt on my lunch. This sun does weird things to me.

Slightly embarrassing conversation on the bus on the way home, anyone listening would have heard me say ‘it was amazing, I didn’t think Toby was capable of noises like that’ I was of course referring to Toby my ukulele! I took him into work with me today, I played my first ever live performance of my up and coming hit ‘You smell of poo’. It went down a storm. I am planning to record a better version now my strumming has improved so stay tuned for that bad boy!

Sssshhh.. keep your reading voice down, I don’t want to Sarah to hear. She said she’s coming to softball with me tomorrow. She bought new joggers and everything! Fingers crossed they’re all nice and don’t ignore us or make us do the bleep test. I’m really looking forward to being active again, I nearly went for a run when I got home but then I sat down and i haven’t stood up again since

Other news in brief: The end of my nose is ice cold, i’ve hardly done any of the work that I was supposed to and i didn’t realise my travel mug was empty and ended up spilling loads of it over my canvas bag. Rubbish!


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