Day 67 – Not so SOFTball

Firstly, where had the sun gone this morning!? I knew 3 days in a row was too good to be true!

Well today at the library was a famous person, none other than Nicky Campbell! I remember him doing Wheel of fortune and you can definitely tell he used to do it because he had quite big arms. I would imagine that wheel took some pushing even though he made it look so easy. Apparently they were filming some sort of documentary, I looked on the library catalogue for ‘Wheel of fortune’ and didn’t find anything so who knows!

Here he is ignoring a man

I went to get pizza for lunch today and ventured to Dominos in the rain. I asked if there was any ready to take out and to my delight there was. I asked for a personal pepperoni and was asked, ‘do you have a voucher?’ Errrr no I didn’t have a voucher, next minute he hands me one and says ‘yes you do!’ so I said ‘Oh.’ So he said ‘That’s £1 then please.’ You can imagine my confused expression. So off I walked with my pound pizza! I’m still not sure what went on, maybe this guy didn’t even work there, maybe it had been dropped on the floor, maybe they are FINALLY rewarding my loyalty! We shall see….

Tonight I went to play softball or as I am now going to call it hardball. My krapball partner Ezzer couldn’t make it so my girlfriend came with me instead. We arrived and were greeted by a lovely woman who taught us a few things about throwing and catching with the glove. We were happily throwing, dropping and catching when I launched the ball to Sarah only to hit her in the nose. Ouch! Her nose then started to bleed. I feel awful! Like the trooper she is she carried on playing right to the end. So proud of my bumblebum. I can’t decide if I enjoyed it, the coach came across like a bit of a dick and a lot of them looked like they could have starred on crimewatch but the game itself reminded me of my rounders days as a teenager. Watch this space.

En route to softball

Moments before the nose incident


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