Day 72 – I have no heart

You know when people make a heart using their fingers? Well I just can’t do it, it looks more like a crap butterfly! This can only mean one thing, I am heartless. Oh no!


Today the group photo we had at softball last week was posted for all to see, oh god! I’m really not sure if i’m going to go this week. It’s not that I didnt enjoy it, I just wasn’t that bothered about it. I can’t help thinking that I’m not going to be happy unless I’m playing rugby again. I’m a bit scared i might get injured and my fitness is nowhere near where it was. There nothing like the buzz of flying down the wing and scoring a try. I’ll probably think about it for ages and then go off the sport idea altogether. I frustrate myself sometimes!

I submitted my entry in to the competition at work today, fingers crossed I win! Here it is, Eeek!

Everything in this is true, including the book title!



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