Day 73 – Multi-tasking

Sarah has hiccups!!! Arrrrghhh! I don’t know what I dislike most, the frustration of thinking it’s gone only for it to pop back up again or that once i’ve had it once in a day i continue to get it allllll day. I can hear sarah in the bathroom hiccupping! They are so loud!!!

Moving on… at the moment I seem to be doing about 5 things at once at work. Even for someone as multi skilled as me i’m struggling. Just when I find the time to start something, It takes all that time just to decide where to start. Tomorrow I ‘m going to come up with a game plan, this begins by making a list – if i can find paper long enough.

So let me begin my list now

  1. Make a list.

Erm… Well, it’s a start isn’t it.

One of my favourite things to do is people watching, except when you forget your not wearing any sunglasses and stare at people or give them dirty looks but I’ll save that for a different blog post! Today, I got to watch my all time favourite – someone trying to put their make-up on whilst on the bus. It’s mesmerising when they manage to do it so well and hilarious when they don’t. I didn’t get a good seat to see the performance this morning but she went for the mascara at one point so either she’s stupid or some sort of makeup world champion!

Sarah’s hicupps has now gone…



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