Day 74 – Shitish Gas

Doesn’t take a genius to work out what I may be talking about in today’s blog post but i’ll leave that until the end to keep you in suspense.

Firstly hello to my latest follower, that takes me to 50 now! As I promised I will do a little giveaway which I’ll sort out this weekend so keep your eyes open for that. My blog has also been nominated for some sort of blog award which is great, I’ll do a special post about it when I know a bit more.

I went to greggs for my lunch today, I got a sausage roll and a ginger man. I hate it when the sausage rolls are not cold and not piping hot, instead they’re just ‘warmed through’. They taste awful. Whilst I was waiting to get my ‘warmed through’ sausage roll I noticed some new items in the cake bit. I thought I was seeing things at first but no it was definitely there – a popcorn topped donut! Bleurrgggh. For some, this may seem like an excellent idea but for someone who only has popcorn salted it made me want to vomit.

Right on to the nitty gritty. You may remember a few weeks/blog posts ago I was writing about living off beans and using candle light because Shitish Gas sent me a bill that seems to have been mixed up with the one for Buckingham palace. Today I called to try to sort something out because it is so clearly wrong. Lucky me that I got a dickhead. At one point after me saying I can’t afford a £600 bill by april he said ‘Well, are you unemployed or something?’ No dickwad I am not, I am also not Alan Sugar, The queen or anybody else who has a ridiculous amount of money. And after the whole shabang he asked if i would be willing to take part in a sort survey about the customer service I had received!! Errr no, unless one of the answer options is ‘pile of wank’  I’m definitely going to kick their asses as soon as I can prove there is a problem with the meter. Shitish gas – I’m coming for you!

I need a stiff drink and a punch bag



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