Day 75 – 1 wheeler

Another day, another maniac bus driver. Today this one seemed to pull out way to close to a cyclist, clipping her knee. She carried on cycling though just so she could get close enough to hurl a whole load of abuse at him. Excellent! What was even better was that it was in full view of one of the bus inspectors. HA!

If you see a car travelling with only one wheel, let them know they left them in my carpark

The flora cuisine advert has just been on, the one with Vernon Kaye. What a nob he is. Him and Tess Daly are quite simply the most annoying TV celebrity couple in the world. They make me want to punch myself in the face. Twice. There are some mannequins in the charity shop window that have more personality than her and she is more fake than one of the ‘fur’ handbags the mannequin is holding!

In other news, I have just scoffed an easter egg. It was lovely.



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