Day 80 – The vomit bus

There is nothing worse than traveling on a smelly bus first thing in the morning when you are still half asleep. Piss, weed, wet dog and even vile smelling perfume are the usual suspects but todays really was something else. It was like someone had shit themselves but the smell of it was so bad they vomited aswell, mix that with the heating on full and you have what can only be described as hell on wheels. I had to spend the entire journey breathing through the sleeve of my jumper concentrating on not vomiting myself. As you can imagine it felt like the longest journey in the world but I survived… just!

I don’t know what is up with me at the moment but I seem to be obsessed with old lady jumpers at the moment. I have bought two over the last week and I’m not sure I like either now. Oops!

Sarah stole of my gingerbread man today and asked if i would buy her, her very own. I went to greggs but they had sold out. Panicking I wondered what I could get instead, a chocolate covered gingerbread star? a gingerbread egg? And then I noticed this….

It's the same size as my head!!

So far, Sarah hasn’t shared any! What a meanie!



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