Day 82 – Olympics hoohar

Today the GB kit for the Olympics was released and it seems to have mixed reviews. I quite like it in some respects but my main bug bare is that it doesn’t really have the union jack on. Here’s the new one (left) and the old one. I know it’s clearly the corner of the diagonal but it’s light blue! Luckily Jess Enis could wear a bin bag and still make it look good, as long as it clearly had a union jack on it of course. What do you think?

photo sourceĀ

Sarah said that she had managed to help a student find a book today so I asked her if it was one she the student was actually looking for. She found this hilarious for some reason.

The good news is that our new neighbour has been nice and quiet since he moved in but this is probably because he has been high since the minute he arrived! I’m going to start charging people to stand in our hallway for get a cheap fix, I’ve got to pay this gas bill somehow!




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