Day 84 – Oxo for Lynda, Taxi for Laura

What a fun filled day its been!

So this morning myself, Sarah and Erica were booked on to the Manchester Underground Walk and just in case we ended up being trapped down there we decided to go for a McDonalds. I went to get Sarah a 99p cheeseburger, handed over my pound and then waited for my very important penny change. I’m still waiting for it now. The cheeky cow didn’t even offer it me! Now i know ‘it’s only a penny’ but I might need that some day and if I’m a penny short buying a pizza i’m going to hunt her down!

So firstly the walk. It was really interesting, I love hearing stories about the olden days. Seems Hitler had a soft spot for Rochdale Town Hall! How very random! We now know where 22,000 bodies are buried too. Won’t be taking Mylo there anytime soon. We don’t want him to do any digging! We spent a good 30 minutes underground and unsurprisingly it was really dark and a bit smelly in places. It was really quite spacious down there, sometimes the area was too big to get any decent photos. Here are a few

No wonder it was so dark down there

A headless doll

Someone from a previous walk

I thought it was the walking dead behind me, that was until i realised it was just some rough old bird on the walk

After we were back in daylight we went for a quick drink and then hung around town waiting for the really exciting part of the day!! Sarah was going to be taking a photograph of Lynda Bellingham! I’m easily star struck but I managed to contain my excitement and did my job well – I was the official bag carrier. We were invited up to her dressing room which basically looked like a hotel room with a walk in wardrobe. It smelt so good, Sarah asked which perfume she had while I just stood there and grinned. At one point i had to say her name and I felt really embarrassed. I said ‘Sarah come at this angle because Lynda is perfectly in the center’ Haha! Here she is in her dressing room and my autograph! Eeek!

We really didn't break into her dressing room, honest!

I'm not just Laura, I'm lovely Laura! And that will now be my full name

What a great day!



2 responses to “Day 84 – Oxo for Lynda, Taxi for Laura

  1. This is FAB!!! Really though that picture of Lynda is horrendous, Sarah took nicer ones than that!! Thanks for coming, it was lovely to meet you x

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