Day 85 – Light bulb wrestling

So after all the excitement of yesterday I really haven’t done much and I lost an hour in bed too! Rubbish!

I spent the afternoon enjoying the warm weather and playing with Toby the Ukulele. Sarah challenged me to write a song called ‘Light bulbs’ which had to include ‘Glee, milkshake and sunshine’. After a bit of experimenting I finally i came up with something. I’m hoping to record it tomorrow to put on youtube but for now, here are the lyrics. Enjoy!

You don’t really need them when the sun begins to shine,

You don’t really need them when the sun is in your eyes,

Coz then you’ll start to look like Finn from glee

Struggling to have a poo or a wee.

When it goes dark they’ll be your best friend

You can have them on full or with a faint blend.

Open the fridge there’s only one drink now

Will it be water or fresh from a cow

Milkshake is lovely if you like kind of thing

I’d prefer a pizza or a spicy chicken wing.

I’m really getting in to my wrestling again, I don’t mean taking part in it! Watching it on TV and next Sunday is like the world cup of wrestling – 4 hours of Wrestle Mania. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I’m really tempted to book the Monday off work so I can stay up and watch it all because it starts at midnight.

Don’t tell anyone, it’s our little secret…


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