Day 86 – The luck of the mancunion

Today has been one of those days that you dream of. The sort of day when things go too well but you don’t want to acknowledge that because then everything would start to go horribly wrong so horribly wrong you’d cry uncontrollably!

1) This morning we managed to bag ourselves some Kylie tickets!!! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Sorry, calm thoughts, I’m completely calm. It does mean that i’ll need to sell my body for the rest of year but it should be worth it! Eeeeeeek!

2) I won a prize in the raffle at work, I never win anything. It was an easter egg literally the size of my head with two BIG bags of mini eggs!

3) We got our new council tax bill, it has been reduced by £40 a month! GET IN!!

4) We signed up to do the Great Manchester Cycle a few months ago which cost us £57 for 2, they’re new sponsor has decided to reduce the price to £10 per person so we’re getting a £37 refund!!

Even finding out that our British Gas bill between 7th Feb and today is somehow £187 couldn’t make my grumpy. Well maybe a little bit grumpy. I’m considering spreading it on twitter just so they do something about it!!


One response to “Day 86 – The luck of the mancunion

  1. Enjoy the great days and the good days as they come!!!! Like your new logo too! Don’t play the Uke while eating pizza though could have some not so wanted effects, even make it sound cheesy.

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