Day 87 – Bus drivers green cross code

On the bus journey home, we stopped at a bus stop just before some lights. Our driver was determined to go through those lights no matter what colour they were on and did – it really couldn’t have been more on red! So for those of you learning to drive, here is our drivers green cross code

  1. Traffic lights – Green means go. Amber means speed up. Red means put your foot down and close your eyes
  2. Mirrors are for checking your hair/makeup
  3. Cyclists are targets. £10 bonus for each one your knock off
  4. Emergency stops should be practiced every journey particularly when someone is going up/down the stairs
  5. Bus stops are used to read newspapers not pick passengers up. You will get points on your licence for opening your doors just because there is a queue of people waiting.

I’m sure that is more than enough to be going on with for now. Let me know how you all get on.

The ball bags at British Gas tweeted me. ‘DM me your details and i will check that you haven’t been billed on an estimated reading’ What a clever little British Gas person, I hadn’t thought of that! So we’ll see if i get anything back tomorrow after my sarcastic response. I bet the poor little mite won’t understand. #theycouldntfindanythingonthectscan


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