Day 89 – British Gas – Rant enclosed

This is a serious warning about today’s post. If you do not like very bad language or you are a happy British Gas customer you should probably not continue reading any further likewise if you are sick of me going on about it. 

I have ranted about this pretty much all week and I need to get it all out of my system otherwise my head may well explode into a tiny million pieces and then Sarah would get billed for the mess.

Over the last week we have experimented by leaving the water on but heating off/ the boiler completely off/ one radiator on for an hour then switched it off but today has just well and truly pissed me off. We have had the water on 24 hours and the heating on for half the day, we submitted the meter reads before and after and the cost for that period is £4.21! Just for gas! Just for 24 hours! For one fucking radiator! ONE! So multiply that bad boy with 30/31 (days in the month) and you have a monthly bill for £130! Just for gas! For one month and just one radiator! I could probably use my own camping heater and camping kettle for cheaper. I wouldn’t mind if Sarah and I were warm but we have to sit with a duvet and the end of our noses are like blocks of ice! I have tried speaking to British Gash (yes that is written on purpose!) on the phone, on the internet and even by email and the cunts are about as useful as a fart in a jam jar. It’s like they employ computers who are programmed to say the same phrases ‘Have you submitted an actual read’ ‘Maybe there is a problem with your boiler’ ‘Oh yes, it is very high isn’t it’ FUCKING FIX IT THEN!!! If one more person asks me if i’ve tried this/tried that I will not be responsible for my actions. Next stop is to get the ‘okay’ AGAIN from the landlord that the boiler is ok and then pay for Shitish Slash to get their arses out to check the meter. Me having to pay them! If they say there’s nothing wrong with it i’m going to take my hammer to it!

If/when this is all over i’m going to send some of Mylos shit through to their complaints department


One response to “Day 89 – British Gas – Rant enclosed

  1. The ways big companies find to screw over the little guy is sickening. adn they are not about to help you reduce your bills as that would cut into their profits.
    I have some suggestions for you although I am sure that you have already come up with these ideas. Hoping that they may help a little bit.
    Firstly I would turn the temp back a few degrees on your hot water tank. Another thing is be sure that you are actually only supplying hot water for your own unit. It would not be unheard of where one tank is being used for an additional unit, Unbeknownst to the tenant. (Hydro here in Canada has been hijacked on many occasions to supply another unit)
    As for the heating, that is tricky. As you turn off your boiler it takes more to bring it back to temp when you need it. I don’t know if there is a central thermostat that controls the heat for your unit. If that is the case, and the rad that is in the room that has the thermostat is turned off, it will require you to heat more as it takes longer for that room to come up to the temp that you are trying to achieve.
    Have you asked any of your nieghbours about their monthly bill from British Gas? If you know your nieghbours possibly some of them are living in around the same lifestyle as you (number of people, size of unit type of thing.) You may be able to judge a little bit with that. If you have been in that unit for a previous winter, compare bills for same time periods. Even with that it will be different this year as from what I understand you have had a much colder winter than normal.
    The prices here in Canada have sky rocketed over the past few years and it is beyond crazy. Seniors and those that are low income have a really hard time making ago of it. Pay the bills or buy groceries.
    Best of luck to you. Don’t take their crap. Fight back as best as you can.

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