Day 90 – One is happy but awfully tired

Tonight’s post will be written in a posh tone

Well first of all one woke up 10 minutes before one was actually supposed to staaart wok, soh one’s first words of the deay were ‘oh, not again!’ Heavens above! Alsoh whoevah was paying the bill ohn the sun’s energy has cleaaarly missed ah payment as it seemed to be missing. the sun’s suppliah must be shitish gas! Goodness me! Apaaart from all that i’ve actually had ah spiffing deay. it’s bin divine daaarling ,quiet at wok and one got ah little brucie bonus in one’s peay toohh! Marvelous!

Here is ah photoh of ah chap that walked along side our bus, one is convinced that at one point he licked the window! Goodness me!

Salami pirate

When one went to the retail outlet this evening one came across ah hairlairh jolly spiffing little mini. one loves the old mini coohpers and as soohhn as one pass one’s test i’ll be saving for one. At least i’ll be guaaaranteed to be able to reach the pedals. 




Saaarah and one aaare doing our first photography course tomorroh which one is loohking forwaaard to, not soh much the eaaarly staaart though. Don’t you know. One hopes that our pupils enjoy it! Heavens above! Fingers crossed it’s not raining. Oh stop it! You tease!

Well I say – if you, one’s old bean, would fancy translating one’s self intoh well spoken english, you could visit this website.



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