Day 95 – Space librarian

Firstly, the orange thing in the sky has been replaced with white stuff. What is that about!?

Today was the very scary induction talk i was dreading. Standing in front of 250 16-18 year olds doing a talk about the library. After being tempted to do the talk via text as I was convinced they’d all be messing on their phones and because i didn’t want to hear my mancunian tones blaring out over the pa system, i’m happy to say they were all very well-behaved. I didn’t make a fool of myself and the fact that our boring library video lasted an embarrassing 4 minutes with jazzy music seemed to lighten the mood somewhat. I had decided to go smart-ish so i didn’t look like someone on work experience so i brought out the old white pointy boots. I have a history of legendary white pointy boots. The last pair I had, I painted black because I was going for an interview and couldn’t find any shoes to wear. Today was the next step up from that, as I was walking in the sleet/snow I realised that the sole was coming loose from the boot, it looked like my shoes were talking to me so I gaffer taped them together. Except the only tape i could find was shiny silver and of course i couldn’t do just one boot i had to do both. They looked like space boots with heels and pointy toes!

Sssshhh this is a spacecraft

In other exciting news, the doors on the bus broke meaning we were trapped on it. It was like a really shit version of ‘Speed’ except the reason we couldn’t get off the bus was due to a technical fault rather than a bomb and instead of not being able to drive slower than 50mph, we weren’t allowed to go faster than that. There was no Keanu Reeves and the nearest we had to Sandra Bullock was an OAP with a headscarf. Excellent!


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