Day 96 – The end of my love affair

I’m actually very sad right now. I’ve felt a bit shitty today, think i’ve caught the library lurgey, so I thought a visit from my favourite take away would cheer me up. That was 2 hours ago!! My food has only just arrived!! It was only supposed to take an hour so i rang and they assured me it would only be ’10 minutes’ longer, it would appear that their 10 minutes and mine don’t match. I love Papa Sams, they know me by name now but I think it may be time to go our separate ways. I can’t believe they pulled that line on me, I trusted them!

Papa Sams, I only cheated on you a few times and the others were nothing compared to you but I can’t be treated like this. What do we have if I can’t trust you? You have let me down… I have nothing left to say except… YOU’RE DUMPED!

I am so looking forward to a lie in tomorrow. I’m going to have a pj day with Sarah and snuggle up under the duvet watching films. No doubt Leo, Disco and Mylo will all join in too. If Mylo makes us watch the Cruffs repeat again I’m going to scream!

WANTED: A pizza takeaway that delivers on time, treats me like a lady and does either peri peri chips or cheesy chips. Oooh and has chocolate fudge cake for puds.


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