Day 97 – Picnic for one

Sarah left me for Scarborough today (the place not a woman.) so i am home alone twiddling my thumbs. It’s strange really, when we’re together we spend a lot of time on our laptops not talking to each other yet when she’s not here it feels like there’s a part of me missing and it feels horrible. There’s something about her that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside – I guess that’s love! Or just a dodgy take away?

So, earlier on today I went to visit my best friend in the whole wide world Girl girl (Katie) and we went back in time! We took her kids to the fair we used to go to when we were younger. The rides are still exactly the same but just more expensive! We used to love ‘The Demon Chase’ it isn’t anything special but at the time we thought it was the best thing ever. It just goes round and round. And then some more round and round and then it stops. I went on one of those throw 3 balls and knock all the tins off, to win a giant teddy for Sarah. I didn’t win anything but then I never do. I’m convinced they glue the fuckers down! I love my girl girl she has always been there for me, she’s part of our little family and today she asked if i would give her away when she gets wed. I said no – girl is mine and always will be! Haha!

As my chef is away I have opted to have a picnic for one this evening. Bread, crisps, sausage rolls, cocktail sausages etc. Luckily I have a puppy on hand to help me finish it all. I can’t resist those puppy dog eyes and him lifting his paw to place it on my arm. I’m too soft when it comes to my boy. I have been given strict instructions not to forget to feed all the babies, as if they would let me forget! I also need to do some washing, Sarah asked me before she went if I knew how to use the washing machine. Haha! I said yes… but I’ll just wing it. I also need to tidy, if she means by this ‘sweeping’ then it will never be tidier!


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