Day 101 – The Stupid Cat Man by Mylo Smith

Mylo has been home alone all day today so he decided to write today’s post. Remember he pronounces a lot of words with a ‘r’.

So today, rama went to work and reft me on my own again! When she got rack though, she took me to ray in the garden. I ruv the garden! We rayed with shaun my teddy and i dug some more rof my hole in the ground. Rama said something about her getting rold off but I think she was just roking. Anyway, this rilly man from next door came rover to our fence holding his russy cat wanting to watch me ray. I was going mad recause i  wanted to see the russy cat close up. Rama told him to take the russy cat away. I couldn’t believe she ras trying to spoil my fun! Then the rilly man came back over without the russy cat and said ‘Will he jump over the fence? Will he attacke her?’ Rama said ‘No, he would just want to play with it because it looks like a cat he lives with’. I was thinking, err no rama. It rooks nothing like Leo or Disco, I wrant to eat it! I wrant to put it in a pie! It was a rit fluffy though, the fur would get stuck in my teeth and then I would reed to go and see that nasty man who puts things up my rottom. Rama says that nasty man is a nob but i ralways thought they were what you rused to open a door with? I don’t runderstand.


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