You’ve been SARAHED!

Sarah here!

Laura and IHateHiccups are on a break! Now depending on who you sided with in the whole Ross & Rachel thing in Friends is it a break up or a break? (I was Team Rachel all the way btw!)

So I’m gonna fill you in on what Laura has being doing but without the humour that she normally injects into her posts:

She has worked. She has moaned. She has eaten pizza. She has performed magic.

Ooh she is going to be posing for a photograph with Eileen from Corrie for a charity photoshoot soon. That’s exciting.

You probably know alot about Laura and very little about me other than she lovingly calls me Sarah Pie so here are a few Sarah facts:

I am shit scared of zombies and spiders – last week I spent two nights sleeping on the sofa in the living room as my bedroom was taken over by spiders (luckily not zombies!).

For my dinner tonight I had a concotion of bacon, broccoli and cauliflower cheese – believe it or not, it was beautiful.

If I get knocked/hit/pinched/itched on one hand/arm/leg etc I have to do the same on the opposite one. Weird I know.

I spent New Years Eve 2003 with Girls Aloud. In their dressing room. Drunk.

That’s all you need to know about me for now, well that and I blog here:

Normal service will hopefully be resumed soon, good night, sleep tight and you have been SARAHED!



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