‘I got a cricket ball in my leg’….

…Now i understand that this may not be clear but you would think that a nurse would be able to understand that I was unfact hit in the leg with a cricketball. Instead she replied, genuinely concerned with ‘and is it still in there?’ With not a hint of sarcasm or humour!

I haven’t been around for a while but I’m back now and with lots to up date you on.

I’m a year older not sure about the wiser bit, I’ve started playing cricket, joined the gym, I’ve done lots of things in my job, I’ve ran 10k and nearly died, I’ve seen kylie close up and I’ve finally began eating fruit. Hahahaha! Ok, that last bit was a lie but I’m at least liking yoghurt – even if it is aimed at kids.

So where do I start, I got a new phone today. Sadly francoise was getting moody and stalling which was causing major strain on our relationship so we’ve parted ways. I haven’t named my new toy yet but stay tuned for that! I shall post a photo once we have been on a few dates.

In my time away i’ve finally found a) sport that i like and b) doesn’t have a load of nobheads/weirdos that go to it. Hurray! I’ve started playing cricket for Didsbury Ladies CC and I’m loving it. I’m extra excited though because it means i can start writing in my old sports diary again! I can see this being a best seller one day. Do you think the people that are in it will be entitled to my millions?

I’ll be back…


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