This package is on fire

So tonight was Sarah and Is first aerobics class. It was also our last aerobics class too.

I knew I wasn’t going to like any of the women because they were so bloody rude. People from the class before were trying to get out and rather than letting them come out they decided to force their fat arses in. Luckily none of them got wedged in the door, I suppose the kick boxing class would have had some practice though.

So it began with what they call the ‘grapevine’. I soon realised this wasn’t some sort of wine drinking exercise when I nearly fell in to the moody cow next to me. Rather than laughing along with me she stopped until I had got my balance then stepped away from me and kept stepping away from me. Wasn’t that fussed, it meant I couldn’t see her ugly mug in the mirror anymor.

I’ve got cricket training tomorrow, haven’t been for a few weeks because of work and bank hols. Also have a game on Sunday against a pretty good side judging by the scores they’ve been getting, so looking forward to that. Just hope the weather gets better, we seem to have hit winter again.

I’m going to leave you with this little gem, I love having a good look on ebay and came across this  ‘FLAME FROM THE LONDON 2012 OLYMPIC TORCH’. The Questions and Answers are the best bit. Royal Mail said it would be ok to post as long as it clearly says ‘FRAGILE’ and ‘ON FIRE’ on the package!




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