‘That’ day has arrived…

It happened today during the cricket match. I knew it was only going to be a matter of time – the moment you realise you are getting old. I had a chance to try and get a catch but had to be quick off the mark and run backwards, at least that was what my brain was saying but sadly my legs didn’t respond and so i ended up in a heap in the floor. I’m hoping there were no photos of that moment. Another great win though today which makes it 3 from 3. Fingers crossed we can keep it going!

Re: the new phone. So as i said a few posts ago, me and franc had a fall out so i got a new toy called ‘Sonic’ Sonic lasted all of 2 days before he got dumped! He was rubbish! It wouldn’t even tell me if i had facebook notifications, how am I meant to live like that!? So there’s a new funky girl in town, Margo the Mini Pro X10. Her battery is a bit rubbish but apart from that shes great. She even told me why my alarm was set later today, how sweet. If she’s clever enough to brew up and cook a pizza she could definitely be in contention to be my favourite woman!


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