Shut the fuck up!

Sorry to be blunt but that is the one and only thing that is running through my head at the moment. It would seem that the latest place to hang out would be right outside my front door in the hallway. Of course it would be really unreasonable for me to think that they should keep their voices lowered so as to not disturb anyone. When we leave this flat, that nob is getting a shit left in his letterbox.

But anyway on to my day. I’ve pretty much been running on auto pilot today, it has been non-stop! It feels great to put a good shift in at work, i love it. Tomorrow will no doubt be more of the same. I’ve actually got quite an important event to do. I was asked to conduct some tours of the library for some yr 9 students, i thought it was just a casual thing but it turns out that it is part of some nationwide scheme (DUX) and that we’ll be rated on it – no pressure or anything. I’m going to have to put my best clobber on and actually do my hair!

But now the bit you’re all waiting for… my naked legs. So i shaved them last night and here they are. ImageBy tomorrow I’m giving good odds that we’ll start to see some hairs starting to sprout!


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