Little things

Today started with the lovely view of a cyclist wearing an extremely short skirt, i am only thankful that she was wearing underware! I bet she had been stopping oncoming traffic which is why my bus was late.

Am I the only person that thinks mini sausage rolls taste so much better than ‘normal’ sausage rolls? I can’t put my finger on why but i did manage to put it on P and a Q. HA! Ok, that was awful, i shall continue now. I think it’s because they have just the right amount of sausage to pastry ratio. And the way they fit perfectly in your mouth – Just pure genius! Other things that taste better in their smaller form: KitKats – KitKat chunkys are TOO chunky! Treatsize Mars bars, cocktail sausages, sandwiches cut into triangular halfs, smarties (Giant smarties most definitely DON’T have the answer) and pizza (ALL pizza is good but little slices just makes the whole thing last longer!)

Shameless plug time. Don’t your just hate it when you put your child to bed and you can’t remember their name. Well fear no more. Grab yourself one of these name reminders. Comes in a white frame and might even look appealing to a child. Get yourself one now!


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