Here we go again!

It seems like only yesterday that I was writing about the relationship problems between myself and francis (my blackberry phone) and here I go again with my latest love, Margo Mini Pro. I mean I shouldn’t complain, she tells me when facebook has a notification, she can take a great photo and her touch screen is very responsive but there’s one very important thing lacking – her energy! I’m lucky if she stays awake for an hour let alone a few days, before she needs some energy drink. I wouldn’t mind if she was constantly on facebook or surfing the web but all she does it sit them in the comfort of my pocket. So as you can imagine, we’re on the rocks. I’m hoping that a change in her energy drink when I get paid helps. If not I’m going to have to give her the elbow. What if there was an emergency!?

‘Hello pregnant lady, don’t worry i’m here. Keep breathing, I’m just going to put Margo on charge so I can ring an ambulance’

5 minutes later…

‘Thats it love, don’t worry i’m calling now. Ambulance please. Oh hi, i’m with a p….’ (battery goes)

‘Erm… i’m just going to charge it a bit more, keep panting’

15 minutes later…


10 minutes later…

‘Ambulance please. Hi, there’s a baby here… *faints*

I wonder if she’d call the baby Margo, hmmm…




One response to “Here we go again!

  1. I think that the fancy Margo Mini Pro is sucking up the energy drink because she is constantly monitoring face book for updates. Believe it or not that uses up lots of juice. Especially if you get yourself into a place where it is actually searching for signal.
    Good luck!!! I haven’t had much luck with phones when they are always in a constant update mode.

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