Naked Sundays

Before I begin I must mention that naked Sunday only applies to Mylo!! Every Sunday we take Mylo’s collar off so he can have a good itch and generally enjoy being ‘free’. But just like us and the weekends, it always goes too quickly for him and I can see in his eyes he’s thinking ‘No, rit can’t be. Naked Runday can’t be rover already rama!’

Hairy leg update: The legs are nice and smooth now, I couldn’t cope with the embarrassment of going to cricket training with them like that. This photo was take on the last day of hairyness – Day 10. They must be at least a cm in length!

I had training tonight and i just wasn’t feeling it. My bowling didn’t feel good and my batting was literally hit and miss. I was on such a high from last week when I really felt like i was starting to bully the batters but my confidence has taken a knock tonight. Hopefully it’s just a blip and i’ll be back on form on Friday evening when we have a bit of a practice game. I hate it when I don’t feel like i’ve done very well, I play a lot off my confidence  so when it’s not there i do struggle. Maybe i’m just a bit tired at the moment or maybe my lucky charms have been shaven off!


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