The cobbles of Corrie

I have been looking forward to today for ages and it turned out to be way more than I bargained for. Sarah Broken Doll has been doing some photoshoots for a very special Alzheimer’s calendar – It will be out later this year (I will tell you more when I can) and today was my turn to have my photo taken for it with Paul the fireman, from Corrie! For those that don’t watch it, he was one of the firemen from the tram crash and is now Eileen’s fella(ish) whose wife had Alzheimer’s before she tragically died cleaning the toaster under the tap whilst it was still plugged in. So we turned up trying not to look too excited and were immediately taken to the green room. First we met Paul, who is such a lovely bloke and then just milling about were Gail and Anna, It was like being in a really weird dream!

We sat back and chatted for a bit while Paul sorted some things out and then we were joined by Kevin, Sally, Stella and Kirsty. Tyrone came and plonked himself next to me, spoke to all of us for a bit. He was such a lovely guy, definitely my fav… Apart from you Paul, if you’re reading this! Paul had to go and shoot a scene so he asked us if we’d like to come and watch, ‘Errrr yeah!’ His scene was in Roys Rolls, we watched them do a few run throughs and then the director asked us ‘Would you like to be in Coronation Street?’ At first I thought ‘yeah, it would be cool’ but he was actually inviting us to be in it!! Next minute we were on set drinking cups of tea and eating toasted tea cakes in the background of one of the scenes! I actually hate toasted tea cakes but my acting was so good you’d think I loved them like pizza! After all that excitement we got a tour of the set, pulled a few pints in the Rovers and then got on to the important bit – The photoshoot.

I had almost forgotten about that bit. Paul and I had photos outside the Rovers, in the alley way and outside his house too. They’ve turned out great but are under lock and key at the moment, you’ll have to wait for the calendar to see them.

So we’ll be on TV on the 23rd July in Roy’s Rolls, keep a look out for us!

For any other bookings, please speak to my agent


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