The feet on the bus, go stink, stink, stink

I’d like to begin by saying that I have nothing against feet.

So, those of you that have visited here before will no doubt be aware of my entertaining journeys on public transport. This one I believe I haven’t come across before. So, the bus is quite full but I managed to get a seat next to a nice lady. I chose well, she didn’t have loud music on and I had a nice amount of room to park my arse. I was actually a bit annoyed because there was a woman in front who was taking up two seats, she was sat in the aisle seat with nothing at all on the window seat and then I noticed her 8 year old son opposite doing exactly the same. I was sat there and could smell something, which was bugging me and then i looked down… She had taken her shoes off! Her naked feet were sat there! The sun was shining through and basically warming her stinking feet up! I really thought I was going to vomit. I don’t have a foot phobia but that was just too much after a long day at work. I wouldn’t mind but they were really fucking ugly. Here, share my pain!

In other news: My throat is sore, I may be getting a sore throat. I mopped the other day, I think I did it wrong because the floor is still very slippy and my ukulele is so out of tune, elastic bands round a cardboard box would probably sound better.


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