We must have run out of water

The rain has finally stopped!

There’s always one sound I associate with being at the seaside, it’s the squarking of the seaguls. I find it strangely soothing. If the sun’s out too, that’s just a Brucie bonus. I always remember on a family holiday a long time ago, we were playing a very important game of cricket. We were about half way through when we looked round and realised our umpire was missing, my grandad. We found him sat in his chair in the living room reading his paper. He thought he had finished! So, we decided it would be a good time to have a break. We were all sat round inside having a drink, looking out in to the garden when we caught sight of this seagul swooping down to steal the bails! We should have expected it really, he was wearing a black hat and was carrying a swag bag.

The sea air always makes me sleepy, does anyone know why it does this? It seems to make someone else tired too

Pups has been having a brilliant time. He loves to run and run through all the muddy puddles in the local old cricket ground. Yet when it comes to walking him on the pavement he will quite happily pull you through the puddles whilst he takes the long way round. I love my puppy



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