There’s shome shea fret on the shea shore

You may be thinking, ‘Why is she speaking like Sean Connery?’ The answer is simply, ‘I’m not sure’.

Sarah and I felt like we were appearing in our very own murder mystery last night, there was fog all around and not a single person in sight – but thinking about it, that may have been down to the sea fog (the Yorkshire folk use the term ‘sea fret’). Look at these spooky pics, firstly a figure stood in the middle of the cricket ground!


Ok, it was actually me waiting for Mylo to come back because I couldn’t see him anymore. But check this one out…

ImageOk, ok it’s me again with Mylo. It does look freaky though doesn’t it!

There was even people hiding in the bushes!!


Today we went down to the beach with Mylo and our lovely nephew Jack or little basement Jaxx as I call him. We strolled along the sea front, stopping occasionally for Mylo to sniff another dog and stopped for some chips. Now, you would think that fish and chips at the seaside would be the best around.and I know this may be a bit controversial but they just didn’t do it for me. They were pale but hard, too hot to eat straight away and came with a side portion of grease. The vinegar just rolled off them and the salt just bounced off. Distinctly average.


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