Come fly with me

I reported a crime today. Last night my duvet was stolen…

Mylo has had his very own children’s book published! ‘Who stole my food?’ is available to buy now for £6. All copies come personally signed by the puppy himself too! What more could you want! Also available on

Spent another day with the lovely basement Jaxx. We always try and take turns with everything so Sarah got the first dirty nappy, a wee wee and lucky me got the second one – A giant poo! We’ll definitely sleep well tonight, where do little people get their energy from?

Some of you may know that I have been known to throw a few poses here and there, well today I got a message from a photographer that wasn’t sarah! He’s descrived some of the up and coming shoots hes got planned and asked if I would be interested in doing any of them. He said I have natural beauty! Haha, he clearly has never seen this…

I had a slanging match with a woman who was clearly pissed off because she was so ugly. She said she was going to have to bring her 2 dogs (3 if you include her) back later because they couldn’t play whilst Mylo was there. He wouldn’t leave them alone apparently. We were done playing anyway so i old her we were going anyway, she watched me walk half the length of the park to make sure we left. Daft cow. Clealry the park sign should have read ‘KEEP OFF. CATTLE IN FIELD’

I won’t be blogging tomorrow. Tomorrow I will be celebrating the life of a wonderful man. I only had the priviledge of meeting him once but the love and laughs he brought to everyone makes me realise what a special man he was. Here’s a balloon just for you… say hello to my nana and grandad for me x

Balloon image credit:

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