Say ‘cheeeeese’

When will summer actually begin? This has to be the worst one yet. Everytime I look out of the window it’s raining, I should be wearing shorts and a vest not my winter thermals!

Talking of looking out of the window… I noticed a car parked next to the library today, a car with eyelashes. Yes really!

So today was my first day back at work for 10 days and after 5 minutes i was right back in the swing of things, bit like i’d never been away. Considering summer is supposed to be our quietest time, i’m busier than ever at the moment. It’s great though, time flies!

Some of you may remember a blog post a while back about the price of the cafe in the library. I don’t mean the price of the actual cafe, which I think would be quite a lot really because it’s always busy. Things like, the credit card sized bap at 60p! Well, I didn’t take any lunch with me today and i didn’t want to go out in the rain so I decided to go to the cafe instead. Only problem was that I needed to pay on card and so had a minimum spend of £3.50 to make, which lets face it shouldn’t be too difficult, A packet of crisp and a drink should do the trick! So, I was casually browsing for the cheapest thing, without veg, when I came across this…

If this was anywhere else I’d be thinking it must be a typo but this could quite easily be right! WOWZA!





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