I am the best ever librarian

A few weeks ago I had to do a tour of the library for some primary school children. It went really well and they seemed to have just as much as fun as I did. Yesterday my boss at work received a package, it was a thank you card and letter from every single child saying what a wonderful time they had! How sweet is that!? Some of things they wrote included ‘you are the best librarians in the world’ ‘I remember it like it was yesterday’ ‘We thought it was going to be boring but it was the best trip ever’ ‘I forgot all about going to Old trafford’ and my favourite ‘Is the library called Hogwarts?’ Here a few of the cards/letters we got


In other exciting news, we got 2 new fish babies today. They are called Scampi and Barley! Here they are swimming about their new home


The boiler sager is still ongoing, luckily we have someone who is much more useful than the landlord looking in to it now…

And lastly, Sarah asked If I would help her try out some ideas she had for a photoshoot. Like the good girlfriend that I am, I agreed… For a moment though it looked like i was going to have to keep this look forever, it wasn’t coming off! Fortunately baby oil came to the rescue and my natural ugliness has resumed


2 responses to “I am the best ever librarian

  1. Be kind to yourself. Nothing Ugly about you. Neither inside nor outside. In fact I say take yourself out for dinner to celebrate your new title, Worlds Best Librarian. Again I stress, be kind to yourself.
    Hope you have a great weekend!

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