Don’t scare it away!

There’s something bright in the sky, let’s not mention it directly because it may be shy and hide away again. What a lovely day – This is completely unrelated to the previous sentence, honest. I love lazy Sundays, lazy wake up, lazy walk with the pups and for some damn right lazy parking! On our way to Sainsburys this morning, in search of bread for our bacon butties, we came across this idiot parked outside a church. I understand that people are dedicated to their religion but surely being a few minutes late would have been better than this! Not only parked on a double yellow line but with back-end on the main road! One of the main roads in to Manchester city centre no less…


We had a very creative evening last night, we have some brand new t-shirt designs that we’re very excited about. Can’t reveal all yet but will definitely be ready soon. Eeeek! We also finished a new custom print today and here it is

If you want to get your hands on any of our funky-liscious goodies head on over to our shop @




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