Busting at the seams

Dear fans, I am writing this from my private jet. I am on my way to hollywood after my very believable and heart warming performance in Roy’s Rolls on Coronation Street. I won’t forget you, Connie x

Of course this is all lies because my scene wasn’t on! I was blatently told the wrong date! You can imagine the disappointment on my face as my limelight was stolen by Stella smacking Sunita in the face for having an affair with her husband. I now fear that my tiny role may never be seen by the masses and that i may infact miss it myself. Luckily I love Corrie so I’ll let you know when i’ve been on so you can all see my 2 seconds of fame on iplayer.

Tuesday morning was probably one of the best mornings I have ever had. Firstly, I was stood waiting at the bus stop when a middle aged cyclist went past sporting a cycle helmet with ears! I couldn’t get a photo unfortunately but imagine big pink bunny ears! Next up was a woman who I am convinced was actually going to work in fancy dress as Alice in Wonderland. I couldn’t get a full body but she was wearing a red and white spotty hat and this…

Just when I thought my morning couldn’t get any better, the ‘make up lady’ came and sat next to me on the bus. 30 minutes of make up application to keep me highly entertained. Here is a sneaky shot of her in action and a close up of my giant elbow

In other news: it’s been really hot, so hot that I’ve actually worn shorts. I’ve found a new favourite take away that’s in walking distance and today a lady came to look at Rod, the bike that i’m selling, and as she took it for a test drive i realised that my shirt had burst open and I was infact showing her what else i had to offer. She didn’t take the bike and left quite quickly…


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