I’m Team GB and WDCC proud

I must say, I’m loving the Olympics! I’m hoping to watch as much as i possibly can, I’ve already caught the swimming, gymnastics, volleyball, hockey and even the shooting. The shooting wasn’t that exciting to be honest, It was almost as boring as golf. The atmosphere has been amazing from what i’ve heard on TV. Can’t imagine what it must be like to actually be there. I’m so proud to be British, my only negative comment is how shit the flowers are. Usually they get their medal and a giant bunch of flowers, London are giving them 5 flowers that look like they’ve been nicked from a park!

We had a cricket game on Friday evening and it was our very first at home – no pressure! I got to bat which was a bit scary but managed to get 35 not out which i’m proper chuffed with. Put on partnership of over 80 and helped us get to 116 for 2 after 20 overs. So the task was to keep Lymm at bay which we did, cant remember their score but they got less than half of our target. I got 2 wickets and a run out and got woman of the match! BOOM! Means were not only top of the league but still unbeaten too! What was even better than that though was that Sarah had come to watch me and more importantly didn’t get bored! She actually enjoyed it! Was great to play well with my number 1 fan there to support me, I’m definitely going to have to get her a shirt with Mrs Smith on the back. Got another game tomorrow, i just hope i can actually move. I’m so stiff! Even lifting a cup of tea up is hurting. Sympathy on a postcard please.

Other news in brief: A womans ass, in the shop today, was so big that i nearly suffocated in one of the aisles. We bought a tent today for our camping trip and after putting it up in the living room I can happily say it passed the Sarah bug test and I’ve seen more dragonflies in the last few days than i have in all of my life. They don’t look like dragons.


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