Pizza currency is the way forward

I’m going all political here so forgive me if i make no sense, even i’m not sure that i know what i’m talking about…

I’d like to talk about student fees but to put it into my language i’m going to use pizza currency instead. So, as far as i’m aware at the moment, if you want to go to University you will no doubt need a pizza loan. This pizza is given to you each year and you don’t have to give the pizza back until you are earning a certain amount. Having done some surfing (the internet kind) on direct gov, here are the slices. If you earn under £15,795 you don’t have to give ANY pizza back so potentially if that wage was never to increase that person would never give any pizza back. Comprenday? If you earn up to £16,000 you would give back £1.50 slices back per month, up to £21,000 – 39.00 slices and so on. This is approx 9% of your income. So, using £21,000 as the average (baring in mind that it is supposedly £26,000, I don’t believe this for a second!) This would take you approx 32 years to pay back your 15,000 pizzas.

In the middle of writing this I realise that i’ve actually forgotten the point i was trying to make and that £1.50 pizzas is actually better than not giving any back at all. I apologise for any inconvenience caused.



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