On my jollies by Mylo Smith

Rello Reverybody, it’s Mylo I’m going to tell you all about my roliday.

Well first, I waited for my chauffeur. She took ages

We spent ages in the car. Finally we got to a field with lots of dinner running around it, all I needed was some gravy.

Then after that long and tiring journey I had to put our house up. Rama said i’d need a hammer, i’m still not sure what i needed it for so i just sat instead

Here’s a picture of my tea, Ruv it.

We went for a big long walk to look at some trees, then we walked back again. I don’t know why we did that.

We went on a boat that went on the water. I sat on Rama’s lap so i could get a good look.

We went on a train too, it was exciting. I was the hero of the journey so i got a good window view

Before I knew it, it was time to go home again. I never did get to eat a bunny.. bye bye


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