Camping it up

I’m back from the great outdoors and what a great time it’s been.

We went camping in Fell Foot Park which is just south of lake Windermere, the weather was glorious and our little camp had some beautiful views – Perfect!


We went on lots of walks (mainly uphill), on a boat and on train while we were there. It was so peaceful that even the annoying little shits running around our tent at 11pm couldn’t dampen our spirits. Sarah survived the whole trip and get this, actually loved it. Our resident m2b cooked us some lovely meals and kept our tent the best kept camp in the west! We can’t wait to camp again next year!

Things to note about our trip:

1) Our campsite was covered in bunnies!


2) We were in a place that used blue traffic cones

3) We met a snake in the forest, he didn’t tell us his name

4) The bacon/sausage ‘baps’ as they called them were ridiculously expensive!

5) I heard this ear piercingly loud noise, thought the world was ending until i looked up and saw this bad boy, we were right under the practice route for the RAF

6) I was so desperate for a wee that i had to take cover behind a tree, luckily i didn’t run into a snake or any people and there were lots of trees to choose from

7) I never woke up moody and was the first to rise everyday. This person may look like me and may be in my sleeping bag but this is just a strange co-incidence.

8) Rumors that a strange orange growth appeared, on the second day, have yet to be confirmed 

9) Puppy pulled! Here he is with his girlfriend Charlie, you can read his blog post here 


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