The power of the balloon

I must admit i’m a lover of stats and look at mine everyday, refreshing the page every minute. Ha! So, I thought I would take a look at which search terms people have used that have led them to my blog. The most common are ‘pizza’ obviously, ‘hiccups’, ‘hairy woman’ and bizarrely ‘balloon’. My post Come fly with me has had an abnormal amount of views from the word ‘balloon’ I wonder if that’s some sort of secret code word on google. Here it is again, BALLOON

Some of my favourite search terms were:

‘i hate nicky campbell’
giant dirty foot
do snails like milk
rice pudding penis
women hiccups turn me on
always looking for

I’m not even going to start thinking about what the bottom 3 people were hoping to find! I bet they were a bit disappointed!

Me and Mrs Smith went swimming this evening, well when i say swimming, i mean splashing around in the shallow end doing the doggy paddle. Despite being extremely sporty, i can’t swim. My sister on the other hand is like a fish. I can only assume that I gave up all my swimming powers for her. I have looked at doing some swimming lessons but i think i’d get a little embarrassed. I can just imagine getting my 10m award certificate along with Bethany aged 5 and Joshua aged 3 and a half.


2 responses to “The power of the balloon

  1. You just made me laugh! I looked at my search terms for today on my stats and the best one is “weird look closer pictures”. That doesn’t even make sense!!

    • Isn’t it strange! I tried typing my search terms in which was obviously a huge mistake. I’m sure you can imagine the websites i was offered!

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