And this is how it started

Mrs Smith and I took the puppy out for his evening play, he loves to be the fielder when we’re throwing and batting the ball about. So there we were, the perfect family, laughing, smiling, encouraging each other and then it happened…. I threw a lovely ball to Mrs Smith and despite just agreeing to slowly tapping the ball so Mylo didn’t have to go in all the undergrowth, she wacked it in to a bush! After numerous attempts to retrieve it, including standing on all of the nettles and nearly killing myself, it was nowhere to be found. Then I was told like a child ‘Laura leave it alone and come here!’ So like a 5 year old I ignored her and kept trying, this time wood chopping all the nettles back with my cricket bat. The ball had either magically disappeared or had been stolen by a giant rat! In my opinion it is only fair because of that silliness that Sarah should be on poo duty but no I have to do it! So i tried to be as childish as possible and started swinging the poo about hoping it would come flying out and land on her head, unfortunately it didn’t I must try harder next time. So we made it back in to the flat without Sarah being covered in shit and just as i was starting to forgive her she plays ‘Christina Ag – Stronger!’ And so the war continued and is still continuing.. I have just played her ‘Cher Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves’ because she is all 3! She moves around at least 3 times a year, she stinks and she stole my heart!

If you see the offender pictured below please contact the police immediately, do not approach him he may be armed with a tennis ball


Original image:

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