Swimming etiquette

We went ‘swimming’ again tonight, this time we decided to go for the adults only session. Last time we watched a 12 year old lad being teased by his mates for not getting in the pool. As someone who may need to grab hold of the side at any moment I was getting mightily pissed off waiting. I almost joined in with his friends at one point! The urge to knock him in as i walked past was just too much.

So, on to tonight. There are usually 2 categories of swimmer – Ladies who are there to chat rather than swim, they do the breaststroke never once getting their hair wet and go at a snail’s pace. The other is the complete opposite, People doing laps, swimming like they own the pool. They usually swim around the chatty ladies and only stop to wipe their goggles. Tonight, I thought it was all going to kick off  in what you may want to call ‘The kicking of Free Willy’. A guy who can only be described as a giant stinking whale with an attitude and hair loss problem, (a category 2 swimmer) stopped swimming (that’s how you know it was serious) to shout at guy who had apparently kicked him. Surely if the whale had not got so close he wouldn’t have got kicked! It’s not like the guy turned round and booted him in the fin or something. Even when the poor guy apologised the whale still carried on blowing off – so to speak.

So to those who want some big waves to practice their surfing, get down to our leisure center on a Thursday evening and wait for him to start swimming front crawl!

Photo credit: aquaviews.net/explore-the-blue/the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly-of-the-underwater-world/

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