Stuck on level 42

No I’m not referring to Call of Duty or Sonic (I’m old school!) I’m referring to the band.

I preferred them back in the early 80s with the lovely Mike Lindup on keyboard, Mark with his good old ‘slap’ bass and the other 2 who played other instruments in the background. It reminds me of growing up and singing along/bouncing about on my mums bed, I don’t think I will ever get sick of listening to them – Sorry Sarah! It would almost be impossible to pick just one favourite song so here are a list of my favs;

  • To be with you again
  • Something about you
  • Running in the family
  • Hot water
  • Heaven in my hands
  • Micro Kid
  • It’s over
  • The chinese way

I’m going to sound old saying this, but they really don’t make them like they used to do they? Music nowadays just doesn’t have that ‘jazzy funk’ about it. Someone pass me my slippers, blanket and tea…

For those that have never heard of Level 42 (where have u been!?) or are like me and enjoy playing your sweeping brush guitar, I’ll leave you with this bad boy


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