Eye spy with my big eye…

Before we get on to the fun stuff let me explain my morning.

So i had to go to the doctors today, which is rubbish enough, but at my doctors it is impossible to get a morning appointment in advance so you either have to a) ring up at 8.20 to ask for a ’10 minute’ appointment. These are first come first served and let me tell you by 8.21 they have usually gone. They are for people who have more than one problem or something that is ‘in-depth’ or b) turn up between 8.30 and 10 for the ‘rapid surgery’. This is for people with a simple problem which will take no longer than 2 minutes to deal with. So off I pop to the ‘rapid surgery’. It is just before 8.45 and it is the busiest i have EVER seen it, It was like the waiting room to hell! There were 2 screaming kids who continued to be little shits for at least 50 minutes before their scally mum got sick of them and called someone else to come and collect them, the smoker who went out every 5 minutes and came back stinking of smoke, the cougher who seemed to cough louder the more they waited and some who were in there that long you would think they were actually having surgery. After finally getting seen at 10.10 I can officially say that the ‘rapid surgery’ most certainly isn’t rapid!

So here are some things I have spyed recently

The facilities at Christie’s hospital really need updating …

The bus grown feet!!

Can’t believe an Eskimo has traded it’s TV in!

This little shit got stuck between the bus station and a fence. I spent ages laughing at his ass pressed up against the glass, looks like his mate found it funny too!

And finally as i was looking through the freezer for something to eat, I mis-read this! Thought Sarah had her own sperm bank going for a minute!


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