Beware of the cat.. I mean lion… no cat… lion…

I don’t usually comment on the news but i couldn’t help but mention this one. Reports have claimed that there was a lion on the loose in Essex, apparently it was spotted in a field next to a caravan. Police urged the public to stay indoors while they searched for large piles of poo and paw prints. It seems the search has been called off as they now think it was just a big cat! 2 things that worry me slightly about this, 1) How could you mistake a giant lion for a cat AND 2) Surely someone would notice if they were missing a lion!

I can confirm that there definitely was a lion cub roaming around Manchester, he broke in to our flat. Luckily we managed to get some footage of it…

Here he is sleeping. Don’t let this photograph fool you, this hoody was massive!

Paws the size of dinner plates.

So far the lion cub has eaten 12 steaks, 33 burgers but turned his nose up at the pollock that was in the freezer, we’re using a paddling pool as his water bowl and he’s using our double bed to sleep on!



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