I feel sick

I’ve eaten way too much. Why did i do this to myself? I blames Mrs Smith for making a mean pasta bake and garlic bread. You know it’s bad when breathing in and out is making you feel sea sick. I don’t know how i’m going to manage getting up to go to bed, she may need the help of a heavy-duty crane!

Talking of the Mrs, she is my hero! Despite not being able to run, catch, throw and is scared of balls (sports) she has agreed to play cricket for us on Friday because we are short. We may also have to make use of the Cheryl cardboard cut out too at this rate. I can just see the innings now…

  1. Laura            NOT OUT                                                       6*
  2. Sarah           RAN AWAY FROM BALL & WICKET               2
  3. C.Cheryl         CBW (Cheryl before wicket)                         0

I will no doubt owe her big time for this, I think she will secretly enjoy it. Kind of. She enjoyed camping and who would have thought it, granted bugs aren’t quite the same as balls coming at you… Well for some of you that may be the norm!

It’s time for my monthly shower now so i’ll leave you with this.. I was looking for a few bits and bobs earlier and came across my Record of Achievement. In there were some bits from my high school teachers and what they thought of me. This is all my german teacher said

German – Mrs Kipling (She wasn’t related to Mr Kipling, her cakes were just average) “She always contributes well to oral work”. How rude!


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