Library Alert!

We had a major security breach at the library today when someone got in without a library card – A pussy cat!

Me mucker and I were sat at out desks today when one of the workmen came to us and said ‘You’ve got a cat in your basement’ I thought it was some sort of euphemism for my ‘basement area’ being erm… furry! At first I laughed out loud until i realised he was being deadly serious! We went in to the basement to find a cat that looked the spit of my little Disco ball, she/he was roaming about the pipe work! We don’t know how the little cutie got in but i managed to get a quick photo before she disappeared in to a tunnel

Mrs Smith and I went in to town after work, recently for some reason i have become slightly obsessed with getting a flight simulator game for my laptop (i have no idea why, i think im going through a mid life crisis!) so went in to CEX to have a look. They had a preowned one for, and I kid you not, 40p but it was so old it was for laptops that you have to wind up at the back! They did however have this as an alternative…

This is quite simply the best game I have EVER seen and for £4.00! Bargain! I can only dream about what it would be like playing it, is it like The Sims game where i can choose which lumberjack outfit i wear and which tools i can afford with my fancy forest cash. I regret not buying it.

And lastly, I go past this every day. what on earth is it supposed to be!?


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