No time for losers…

I’ve been quite irritable over the last few days over the smallest of things. So I apologise but i just need to have a quick rant and get them off my chest. Firstly, why do some people feel the need to take up all the space in a leaving card? Why? Is there goodbye message more important than everyone elses? No! Don’t take up all that space and then add a smiley – that really did tip me over the edge! And then there are people that don’t say thank you when you’ve held the door open.  I actually waited for someone the other day, waited! I could have been well on my way but no i waited for them to move their fat ass along.. then they walked through the door BEFORE me! Before ME! And lastly, the only pleasurable bit of a bus journey apart from getting off is pressing the button. I like it. It gives me a strange sense of satisfaction, I like that I can decide when to press it and how many times I press it. So there is nothing more fucking annoying than some idiot pressing the button for me! Like i’m not responsible or strong enough to press the button all – the – way – in. They always looks proud of themselves too like they have done me a favour. Well if you’re reading this bell boys and girls, please don’t or i may actually cut your fingers off. Thanks

Next. I was tidying my desk the other day when I came across this..

That’s right, its mouse shit! A shitting mouse has been sat on my desk, pissing all over the keys on my keyboard! The little bastard!


WEEEE AREEE THE CHAMPIONS! Division 3 champions! Hurrah! So very proud of our team and to do it in our first season is amazing!  Now I just have to think of what to do with myself until the season starts again next year. Definitely not playing rugby again, though i’ve got more bruises now than i ever did then. Look at this bad boy, this was the day after

Here it is today

Any suggestions for a new sport would be greatly appreciated. I can throw and catch, I can kick and hit stuff. I cannot swim.


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