As if we didn’t know already, summer is most definitely over now. I seem to be a rain magnet at the moment, I’ve given up even doing my hair in a morning now. Its starting to look like a wig! And the students are starting to come back after their summer break. I’m sure there will be new tales of how shit the buses are very soon, so come back for more of that but there is one good thing about it. Free stuff! Everyone descends on to Oxford to promote/flogg stuff. So imagine the smile on my face when i see this bad boy

 Any pizza, ANY SIZE! So the size of the box he was wearing, yeah?

There’s this one thing i can’t seem to forget at the moment. I have a few regrets in life, I wish i had learnt to swim when i was younger, i wish i had never thrown out a pair of my baggy jeans and most recently I wish I had taken a photograph of the mobility scooter parked outside the pub last week! I have been deliberately walking past each day in the hope that it’s there, it looked like what can only be described as a kitchen chair on a tea-tray with wheels and a tv remove to control it. I WILL get a photo!!

Lastly today, don’t forget you can now be the proud owner of Mylo’s first book. 3 people already are! You can buy it here or if you’d like it signed by the puppy detective himself just get in touch.





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