Can you smell smoke?

I was awake at 5am this morning. Picture the scene, I’m in a deep sleep probably dreaming about pizza when the fire alarm goes off. After i had fallen back down from the ceiling, i went in to full fire marshal mode. I checked the alarm panel and it showed a fire in flat 4 so i went and starting banging on the door. She answered ‘Oh is it mine?’ Let me put this in to perspective, each flat has its own smoke alarm and if this isn’t dealt with it sets everyone else off too. ‘Yes it’s yours!’ so after we had established that she wasn’t on fire i turned it all off and reset it. About to go off to sleep when it goes off again, flat 4 again! This time i bang even louder going up the stairs! ‘Oh it is still mine?’ No love, we’re all taking turns! 2 things that disturbed me throughout this saga. 1) We live in a building with 7 flats in, not one other person got up! Not one! No one ever opened their door and they were all in. Next time it goes off i’m going to should really loudly ‘Can you smell smoke too Sarah?’ and number 2) The woman in flat 4 is liking a walking chimney – there’s always smoke omitting from her. Does she not realise how a smoke alarm works? And that if there is too much smoke it sets off an alarm. I must add at this point that she is deaf in one ear. I am going to advise her to get the other one checked out too. So after all this, the damn thing won’t reset so we have to leave it beeping because it’s not happy that it’s been muted, that continued for the rest of the morning until i left for work. Grrr

In other frustrating news, my new book was delivered today whilst i was at work. I’m going to have to go and get it in the morning before work now! Double Grrr

Lastly today, i lost my megarider that still had 5 days left on it! Triple Grrr

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